Customer Comments
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  Thank you for sending my order out so quickly, the fabric is perfect. Avril, October 2015

Wonderful shop! What a treasure trove of fabric. Sheila, August 2015

Great selection of fabric love to visit your shop. Margaret October 2015

Love your shop. Nice staff too

Christine August 2014.

Was in your shop today with my mum, and the ladies who attended to us today were nice and gave us lots of advice.
Dorothy August 2014.

Was in shop today was fab
Julie, July 2014.

I love your shop so much, I really wish it was closer so I could visit more often. I've just finished making the "Stonehenge" quilt kit that I got from you last week and it looks fantastic. Your kits are great, I really liked the one for the patchwork Scotty dog cushion too which made last year after visiting. Hope to get back again soon as I want to make another quilt!
Raven April 2014

I think your shop is a treasure trove of fabric!
Elizabeth Dec 2013

A wonderful Aladdin's cave. everyone so helpful. would be interested in any courses coming up and of course any sales!
Jenny October 2013

Beautiful well stocked shop
Jacqui Sept 2013

Just wanted to say, I've had great fun today making the 'Quilted, Textured Clutch Bag' project I bought at your shop. It's the first time I have used Shrink fabric.

Very good instructions, perfect fabric for the project and a great product at the end. Have attached a couple of photographs to show you. (Now in our gallery)

Thought I would give you this positive feedback to say thank you. If I ever get back to Linlithgow, your shop will be on my 'places I must visit' list :)
Tes, August 2013.

Lovely shop. Very helpful and friendly staff
Linda, June 2013

My friend Pat and I were in last week and just loved your selection of fabric. Its easy to see and even easier to pull out and have a look at the whole bale. Please keep up the good work. Thank you
Jackie, Feb 2013

I visited the shop today for the first time, but I'll be back!
Jan, Feb 2013.

Love the shop and the inspirational quilts hanging on the walls, Margaret April 2012

A truly beautiful shop where inspiration grows in abundance!, Julie February 2012

Thank you so much for sending the material so promptly. It looks perfect so I can start sewing again!
Vicki, February 2012

Always enjoy a trip through to Linlithgow to visit your shop - never fail to buy different fabrics and admire all the lovely work around your shop. Isobel, January 2012

Staff are never anything but extremely helpful and always a wonderful stock of fabrics. Gail, December 2011

Attended Georgina's Points to Ponder and thoroughly enjoyed it and intend to join up for the beginners free machine quilting class in January.
Thanks for a very enjoyable day.Frances, November 2011

Love your shop. Fabrics are great and displays very inspiring.Anne, November 2011

I love your shop and have greatly enjoyed your workshops. Lindsay, October 2011

I so loved your shop!! I really thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!!!Kate, August 2011

I was in your shop for the first time recently and loved it. I will definitely be back.Fiona, June 2011

How I wish I lived closer or drove ...found you by accident during a long weekend away ...what a wonderful shop ... where service is of prime importance. Angela, Jan 2011

I think your shop is just wonderful...wishing you a very happy Christmas. Barbara, December 2010

I have discovered your shop a few weekend ago and love it. Séverine, November 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your shop which has such a fantastic range of products and the class which I attended on Sunday. Many thanks. Liz, Nov 2010

Love visiting shop staff so helpful but you can browse freely. Moira, Nov 2010

Found the shop by chance on a visit to Linlithgow whilst the student exhibition was on. What a great show - better than the last quilt show I saw at Harrogate! Helpful service too (although I didn't actually buy anything). Will certainly use the mail order facilities in the future, and call in next time we are north of the border! Peter, Nov 2010

Georgina Chapman’s recent class was fabulous and truly inspirational. One not to be missed when it comes round again. Mae, July 2010

Great fabric, great shop, great staff. Janis, August 2010

I was in the shop today with my friend Morag and we both enjoyed the wonderful range of fabrics and the excellent service. Irene, August 2010

I have been to your shop and attended some classes and have found both to be excellent and I really enjoyed them. Moira, October 2010

I greatly enjoyed Georgina Chapman’s workshop yesterday.
I got a great deal out of it and feel so much more confident about using my sewing machine. The day was absolutely topped by the fact that I was able to purchase some fabric from you - and I have to say that the colour of the red and pink fabrics that I bought for the binding of two of my quilts is absolutely ‘spot on’.

Thanks again for providing such a super service to us quilters.
I will certainly be looking out for more of your workshops. Linda, November 2010

My package arrived today. Many thanks for your very helpful and prompt response, Christine November 2010

Always an enjoyable visit to the shop, staff very pleasant and helpful.
Morag, July 2010

Every time I visit your shop you always seem to have something new and exciting amongst your great range of fabrics.
Ann, July 2010

Love your shop and newsletter. Hope to get to visit you again before too long.
Flora, July 2010

I live in East Lothian and love coming in to the shop when I am in Linlithgow visiting friends. I learnt how to do patchwork and quilting a very long time ago and have really enjoyed updating my skills in two workshops.
Kate July 2010

The best class programme and fabric shop I know.
Brenda, July 2010

There is a lovely atmosphere in the shop and lots of lovely fabrics to add to my stash.
Nan July 2010

Love your workshops and the happy atmosphere. Look forward to seeing you soon. Isabelle July 2010

Great shop, super atmosphere because of your very friendly & helpful staff.
Pauline, July 2010

I have shopped with you and taken a couple of classes.  Enjoyed both immensely. 
Maureen, July 2010

Been a customer for many years and always enjoyed the classes. 
Jackie, June 2010
Loved your shop.
Jennifer, May 2010

Best choice of fabrics in Scotland.
Margaret, April 2010

Visited your shop last week and was really impressed by your stock and list of workshops. Pat, April 2010

You offer a truly special level of customer service. Without doubt the best patchwork shop in Scotland.
Margo, Dec 2009